Coaching & Mentoring

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Product Leader manager

I can help you hire and structure the team, align people & implement the processes matching your company stage. Lately I specialise into running teams in a leaner way.

Product Peopleindividual contributor

I can help you maximise your impact, implement life long learning tactics, and develop your leadership.


📝 Format

  • Workspace - We share a notion workspace to prepare & document everything
  • Pre-read - Beforehand, you send me the questions / topics you want to discuss in the next session. If useful, we can also prepare "a program" to deploy on several weeks.
  • Problem first - I'll ask many questions to explore the context and problem, we'll deep dive in the solution together.
  • Flexible posture - Depending on your needs and wishes, I can coach you (you find all the solutions) or mentor you (I provide content & some of the solutions)

⚙️ Logistics

  • 🕒 Length - 2 to 3h sessions: Less than 2h is too short for progress, more than 3h is exhausting.
  • 🔁 Rhythm - Once a month: Less than once a month makes progress harder to achieve, and usually signal a lack of commitment (you can't find time or topics). We can meet more often based on your needs.
  • 📍 Location - Remote preferred: You save time, and me too. Unless there is a good reason for me to visit your office, I prefer to avoid it.

Am I the right coach for you?

  1. Follow your first impression: fit is as important as the skillset. If it's useful, we will do a first session free of charge to test, but note that there is no engagement anyway.
  2. I'll adopt a mentor posture (unless you prefer otherwise): I'll ask questions to understand your unique context and help you assess the situation. Then, I'll help you accelerate with efficient tools tested in my previous experiences.
  3. I've a +13 years product experience: I've been a developper, a UX Designer / Head of Design, Product Manager / Product Director / VP Product and finally a startup founder. I worked for companies in different stages: pre-market fit (8 to 60 persons) / post market fit (up to 500 persons), with different cultures and some of the best French startups like ManoMano or comet.
  4. I'm very documented and connected: for 10 years I've been reading more than 100 articles per week & I'm now curating a weekly newsletter followed by 1400+ persons. In other words, confronted with a new situation I always know where to find a resource or the right person to help us.
  5. I'm transparent: you can easily assess my mindset reading "my user guide" written for my previous team, listen to what I did in my first 100 days at comet (fr) or the method I implemented. All the content is referenced here but you can also read my newsletter archive (I comment every link).
  6. I coach several persons: CEOs like Thomas Goubin, Paul Idrobo or Product People like Myriam Bossard (Senior PM @Ornikar), Christophe Lamperti (CPO @Double), Dimitri Baeli (CPO @Aramis Auto), Robin Labrot (Head of Product @Lemlist), Isabelle Sauer, Cyrielle Jourdren, Augustin Regnier. I've also mentored more than 44 Productverse readers in 6 months - NPS 82 & many ended up supporting me.


Is the format flexible?

Yes, sure. I display the usual one because it's the one that works the best in my opinion.

Can we organise a one-time conversation?

Yes. Please note that the quality depends on the pre-read.

How much do you charge?

My fees are not public yet. Let's chat before I can tell you. Here's why:

  • It depends on your needs that we will discuss in our first conversation
  • I'm beta testing a formula to calculate the price, taking into accounts what seems to be the most impactful dimensions:
    • Role of the coachee: Individual contributor, Lead / Head of, VP / CPO
    • Company size: Individual, Startup, Scale Up, Corporate
    • Session Length: 2h, 4h, 1d
    • Rhythm: Once, Once or twice in the quarter, Once a month or more
Why do you prefer the term “mentoring”?

I still talk about coaching cos most people enter this term in google. But I actually mentor people and help them accelerate in everything related to product, design or processes. I can help you in your professional introspection but won’t be as efficient as a “professional coach”.

Interested? Contact me 👇